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Deal All,


We are buying EAFD, so please do not hesitate to contact us ~

If you don't have any experience, it is okay, we can guide you what to do.


Here is the details of EAFD.

Please refer to it.


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Joe(Sunghu) Cho


EAFD (Electric Arc Furnace Dust)


o.     What to Check in order to see the possibility to import?

A.      EAFD quantity / month

: Normally it is 1.5~2% of their capacity.

B.      Zn%

: If it is over 25%, there is possibility to import.

C.      Current EAFD Disposal Method

: It can be landfilling, using disposal company by paying or selling to recycling company.

             (This is very important to check. It will decide the value of EAFD from the factory.)


o.     Necessary Permit

A.      Basel Convention

: Preventing developed countries from dumping waste into developing countries.

          -> Therefore, we need to get permission from Ministry of Environment in both countries.

             (Once per year)


- The End -